Ironically, I had done this first, but I was not successful with getting the driver to load, then I dragged my knuckles across the street for awhile to come up with a plausible solution. Hope you are succesful. You will make many people happy if you can get succes. Due to changes in the firmware, the openaps tools are only able to function in full on the above pump models. I talked to the helpdesk Medronic.

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Tuesday, February 16, 9: To start, here is a high-level guide for understanding if your pump is compatible for OpenAPS: You can also use part of the DIY receiver set up – the wixel craelink directly to the raspberry pi. When I run the driver install script that the java code downloads into the Medtronic directory, I notice the “registration” can’t remember the exact command name command fails.

The Raspberry Pi is extremely minimalistic and does not come in a protective case. Thursday, May 14, 3: Edited by muscut Tuesday, November 06, 8: Windows 7 IT Pro. On first time CareLinkusb immediately recognized by Windows 7, thanks again. Sign in to vote. Learn more about the wixel setup here and here. I followed your instructions and got Windows 7 to recognize the device in the device manager and when I plug it in, it shows as working.


Sunday, May 02, 1: However, when I go to the careliink site, I log in, I tell it I want to upload data from my cwrelink. Directions to build the receiver, set up your uploader and Nightscout can be found here.

Medtronic CareLink USB

I’m wondering if anyone has this working in Vista 64 bit or win7 64 bit. Lithium batteries last significantly longer but do not give much warning when they are about to die, but alerts can be created to provide warning about the status of the battery.

I then installed the current Java SE run-time from java. Usb ensures that blood sugar values read by PC. Friday, July 31, Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi. Friday, November 13, 1: Once the Carelink device is found and the driver is loaded, I was able to successfully use all three of my loaded browsers to access Carelink, upload my data, and run reports with absolutely no errors at all.

Sunday, Hsb 07, 2: Amanda, I modified the steps, but still need to clean it up a bit. Repeated wireless communication with the pump drains the battery quite quickly. Sunday, May 31, It reports that it can’t run in a 64 bit OS.

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Eventually, once you have an entire OpenAPS build up and running, it is recommended that you have backup sets of equipment in case of carelino. Not an IT pro?

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. With Dexcom, the Share platform is not required as communication with the receiver is usually accomplished via USB directly to the Pi.

CareLink Software

I can not install usb Care Link from Medtronic. I click next on the screen that follows this is just a screen that wants you to make sure the pump is not in the middle of an insulin delivery. Did you ever have any luck? Using a USB extension cable and angling the stick appropriately will assist in improving the connection.

Known working USB 2.