However, booklet printing may not be available depending on the page structure. In interface specifications, especially electrical specifications, it is also simply known as interface. Otherwise, image quality cannot be processed accurately. The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy or print in your country. On the control panel, change the paper size of the tray to [Custom] and then specify the paper size for Commercial

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Server A computer that stores pd-205 on the network and provides a service to other computers. The product type and code dduplo as of December If the setting value exceeds the actual memory capacity, the system will automatically adjust it when the printer turns on.

Increasing the receive buffer capacity may increase the disconnection speed of the computer for each interface.

Multi bypass feeder E For feeding paper manually. The paper used is not suitable. Protocol An agreed-upon format for transmitting data between multiple devices and the computer system.


Digital Duplicators|Duprinter|DP-G205

You can check the permitted domain settings in [Domain List]. Follow the message to rectify the problem. You are recommended to increase the memory. Symbol Set Specifies the font for symbols.

For details on each item and how to configure its settings, refer to the Online Help for the vuplo driver.

For shared printers on the network, settings of other shared printers on the same network but in another computer will not be affected as d-p205 settings are for paper sizes defined by each printer icon. The address specified here will be displayed in the [From] column of the e-mail.

Set the paper size indicator to the size of the transparencies. By default, the bi-directional communication setting of the printer is set to [Enable].

Selecting [Select from tray] ensures that data is printed on the specified paper.

Duplo DP-205 User Guide

NetWare Select this to use NetWare. Which part of the guide do you read frequently? Therefore, you are recommended to use methods to ensure that important information is secured. Job Offset Specify how to perform offset output. Do not touch this when using the printer as it is hot. The PJL commands are used to control print jobs and are required for printing using a printer driver.

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The [Print Meter Report] is printed. Check the print data.

PostScript 3 Emulation Standard: This feature is known as automatic tray suplo. Check the URL again. Click [Custom Paper Size]. Only 1 user can be specified.

Duplo DP master problem

Sheets The total number of sheets for paper used for printing. The hard disk will be initialized.

Reducing warm-up requirements, “first copy out” speeds have also improved and now range between 3. You cannot set the same tray to different priority numbers. Specify the memory capacity between 4.