On-board is a Read More Quality What should I do if my Samsung digital camera does not save photos to my memory card? Likewise not coming as a shock is the fact that there’s not much of this camera to get a firm grip on; perhaps that’s why the default flash setting is rather bright. An internal 27MB memory, allowing for six or seven full resolution, fine quality images, is additionally offered to get photographers started out of the box. Read on to find out…. Overall, taking timings into account a good showing for its class.

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The optical zoom is also accessible in stt70 mode, though bizarrely the sound cuts out as the user zooms, so the operational buzz of the camera making its adjustments isn’t picked up. Though it’s easy for your middle finger to drift in front of the flash, by being positioned away from the edge and fairly close to the lens – but thankfully not too close – such instances of blocking the bulb are not as frequent as on other budget-priced models.

Most Instagrammable places in Liverpool: Unexpectedly, given the relatively inexpensive cost, the ST70 offers its users a degree of creativity in the shape of several Smart Filter digital effects, accessed following a press of the ‘menu’ button opposite the mode button at the ST70’s rear.

Samsung ST70 compact camera

Toggle the ts70 lever and the lens glides from max wideangle to extreme telephoto setting in all of two seconds; it’s commendably smooth and quick, but is accompanied by a low mechanical noise that bizarrely sounds like a small child gargling.

Samsung ST70 compact camera deals. While we couldn’t test the camera out in a foggy situation, Samsung assures us it makes it easier to see subject in poor visibility.

These options are selected via a toolbar of key settings that appears down the left hand side of the screen when the rear Fn Function button is pressed – a shortcut that avoids otherwise having to tab through aamsung menu options to find them. The largest button samsnug is naturally the shutter release button, encircled by a lever for operating the zoom, which likewise falls under the forefinger, a raised lip at the front providing added purchase.


The other shooting mode options accessible here are the default setting of Smart Auto – the camera reliably recognising common scenes and subjects and switching its settings automatically and accordingly if the scene isn’t too busy, sr70 Program Auto, which allows the user a little more hands-on control, Dual IS the twin anti-shake optionand Scene mode.

What is meant by ‘depth of field’ in reference to Samsung cameras? Lucky then that the ST70’s general operation is a simple process, Smart Auto even getting its own quick access top plate button – like intelligent Auto on the recently reviewed Panasonic FS33 s7t0 in addition to being accessed along with a press of the backplate mode button.

We weren’t able to find any results. What does JPEG stand for? This being a Samsung camera, among the latter choices is a zit-busting Beauty mode, as well as the regular night, portrait and landscape sg70. JPEG often seen with its file extension. Finally the base of the ST70 features a centrally located screw thread for attaching to a tripod, and, to one side, a siding catch for a hatch protecting the combined battery and card compartment – rigid enough not to come loose easily, not so much so to cause any user problems.

The final two control buttons on the back plate samskng a straightforward enough playback control to activate the review of captured images, plus the ‘Fn’ or ‘function’ button which in effect is a shortcut to key settings otherwise less obviously visible with a press of the menu damsung.

ST70 | Samsung Support UK

On-board is a When it comes to the bottom of the camera, this is to help with taking self-portraits. When you focus on a subject there is a range More unusually, the camera also features a dawn mode for early risers and exposure-adjusting backlight mode, so subjects taken against a rising sun don’t register merely as silhouettes.


With the back of the camera meanwhile dominated by the clear and crisp standard ratio LCD screen in the predictable absence of any optical viewfinder, and menu and mode buttons already touched on, the other controls at the rear are a navigational control pad with central ‘OK’ button for selecting and effecting any functional changes.

Perhaps most of the camera’s target audience will never dig out such features as they’re slightly hidden away amidst the more run-of-the-mill camera menu options, but their inclusion means there’s indeed more to the ST70 than meets the eye.

Samsung adds to these a vignetting filter and, within its Photo Style Selector options further sketch, film negative, retro, ‘calm’ and defog filters.

As expected, when using the LCD to compose images in bright sunlight, visibility suffers and you’re reduced to cupping a hand around it, or ducking into the nearest bit of shade to check the shot afterwards, but this is par for the course with models in the ST70’s class – and indeed digital cameras in general.

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The latter boasts 13 pre-set selections biasing the usual suspects of portraits and landscapes – and including Samsung’s skin-smoothing blemish-busting Beauty effect – with further text, sunset, beach and snow options. Depth of field refers to the portion smasung a scene that appears sharp in the image.

Verdict In sh70 of photo quality, the Samsung ST70 delivers a good showing: For new and existing orders: Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. Flip the camera over and you have a reasonable 2.